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Hello, and welcome to my character page!Here you will find information about all of my FFXIV characters. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, so not all information may be present at this point in time.
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(I no longer roleplay, so I apologize ahead of time to anyone who may have been interested. This website and my refsheets remain in tact simply because of all the effort I have put in to create them.)⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛

Althea Zaduren

The Selkie Crytsal Researcher, a Long Way from Home..."...that is why I will always keep it with me. To remind me where I came from. To remind me of my purpose, whenever I seem to have forgotten it."


Althea came from an island far off in the Sea of Jade where people use crystals to survive the damaging effects of miasma. She was a member of what is known as a Crystal Caravan, a group of people that search for a substance called Myrrh to keep the crystals shining bright. Convinced that there had to be a way to save her friends and family from a life stifled by miasma, Althea set out for Eorzea, a place that had no need of crystals for safety.She established herself as an adventurer, and worked toward bettering herself so that she could help those she met on her way, ever working towards being able to save her home. But as is the case with many heroes, the more you prove yourself, the more people will seek you out and request your aid, causing the original goal to be set on the back burner.(Funny that Althea is my main and yet she’s my character with the least useful information written. I’ll get around to re-doing her about section soon, so bear with me! There’s just so much about her that it’s hard to choose what to include!)⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- If you know or recognize the Selkies from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, you may remember them being a rather short and shapely race, at least in the case of the females. Though Althea's overall body shape is very similar, she is much taller and even has slightly pointed ears due to her Elezen ancestry. She also has a beauty mark beside the left corner of her mouth.
- Althea is a Warrior of Light / Warrior of Darkness character. She has fought Primals, Garlemald, Dragons, and all of the other things involved with the game's MSQ.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:- Althea's name when I first joined the game was 'Althea Lapointe', which was meant to be a joke on the fact that I chose to start as an Elezen lancer. Now her first name is the funny part, since I main a healer now.

Quick Facts:

Race:Selkie with Elezen heritage (Highlander in game)
Nameday / Age:14th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon / 26
Birthplace:Tipa Peninsula, the Sea of Jade
Height / Weight:6'.5" / 150 lbs
Body Type:Toned & Curvy
Personality:Adventurous, Protective, Matronly, Anxious, Supportive, Artistic
In-game Voice:Type 6
Orientation:Straight / Heterosexual
Relationship Status:Married to Faiven Zaduren
Maiden Name:Lapointe
Family:Mu'zsika (Mother), Ahn'dante (Father), Voileanne de Lapointe (Grandmother)
Classes:White Mage, Dragoon, Bard (but not archer), Botanist, Fisher, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Alchemist
City-state / Grand Company:Gridania / Order of the Twin-Adder
Free Company:The Crystal Chalice «Myrrh» (Leader)
Patron Deity:Menphina, the Lover
Real World Zodiac Sign:♐ Sagittarius


  • family

  • fishing

  • singing / playing instruments

  • supporting / protecting friends & family

  • rain

  • forests

  • ocean shores

  • learning new things

  • art

  • gardening / farming

  • flowers

  • tea


  • exploiting others

  • letting anxiety / stress take over

  • feeling powerless

  • deserts

  • stealing / thievery

  • being mistaken for another race

  • feeling abandoned

Viken'ti Ostberg

A shy retainer with a heart of gold."I may not be very strong, but I'll help in whatever ways I'm able. I promise."


Viken'ti serves as Althea Zaduren’s ever faithful retainer and one of her best friends. He was born fragile and highly susceptible to illnesses. The pregnancy nearly killed his mother, Katen'ka, and prevented her from having any other children. Viken'ti was born with a weak heart, pale skin that would burn easily, and his left eye white and mostly blind. He grew up rather sheltered since he would tire easily and had nowhere near the stamina that the other children had, and was embarrassed by his bad vision and lack of stamina. He would choose to stay inside most days and devote his time to busy-work, and would always hide his bad eye behind his hair. When he and his mother ran into a series of financial and medical problems later in his life, he made the decision to join the adventurer’s guild despite the fact that it would be very difficult for him, thinking that he would only accept simple errand jobs and investigations.His plan didn’t work out for long, due to another adventurer who joined the guild at around the same time as him taking all of the easy jobs. His name was Rozael, and he was a over-confident egotistic type who took joy in seeing how far he could push this weak new addition to the guild. Viken'ti, feeling a new sense of ambition to prove to this person he was better than him, began to train tirelessly under the pugilist’s guild. But no matter how hard he trained, Rozael was always one step ahead because of his natural talents. However, as the two of them got used to being in the guild together, and even started get job assignments requiring them to work together, they started to build a strong friendship. But Viken'ti was never able to ignore the pain it caused him to think that his weakness was a burden on Rozael, and one day he accepted a solo job far too difficult for him to complete. This resulted in Rozael chasing after him to rescue him from certain death, and an injury that left him unable to continue being an adventurer. At the behest of Rozael and his mother both, Viken'ti decided to apply as a fieldcraft retainer.He is now employed by Althea and Rozael, as well as a Xaela girl he befriended named Vritra Kha. Althea was the first to hire him early on in her adventuring career, and she taught him most of what he knows about fishing and business practices. He has started pursuing Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land, knowing that gathering and crafting are the best ways for him to help his friends now.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- Viken'ti was born prematurely, and ended up very weak and frail because of it. His left eye is white and almost entirely blind, while his other eye is extremely near-sighted. He used to be bullied by other children over his bad vision and "gross" eye when he was very young, so he now chooses to keep his bangs long in order to cover it at all times, and panics if he thinks someone may have seen it (e.g. a gust of wind blowing his hair out of the way).
- His skin is very pale, sensitive, and burns very easily. He's the type of person that would develop a scratch or bruise very easily from something as simple as bumping into someone while at the market. Viken'ti dresses himself in rather modest clothing in order to prevent sun burns, but also has to be careful about what sorts of fabrics he wears because course fabrics (like burlap or rough linens) can irritate his skin. The freckles all over his body developed after many times of getting burned as a child. He also has an aversion to certain metals and can only wear accessories that are hypo-allergenic like leathers & hemp braid or 'pure' metals like silver, gold, copper, titanium, and stainless-steel.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:
- Viken'ti, his mother Katen'ka, and his chocobo Anastasiya all have Russian inspired names.
- He is left handed.

Quick Facts:

Race:Miqo'te / Keeper of the Moon
Nameday / Age:16th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon / 22
Birthplace:The Twelveswood
Height / Weight:5'4" / 97 lbs
Body Type:Very thin and frail with slightly toned muscles. Freckles covering his entire body.
Personality:Shy, Curious, Low Self-Esteem, Anxious, Empathetic
In-game Voice:Type 11
Orientation:Gay / Homosexual
Relationship Status:In a relationship with Rozael Bonacieaux
Family:Katen'ka Ostberg (Mother)
Classes:Archer, Fisher, Botanist, Miner, Goldsmith, Weaver, Culinarian (These are based on the backstory I’ve written, keep in mind I’m still trying to work up the energy to actually level these for him lol)
City-state / Grand Company:Unaffiliated
Free Company:The Crystal Chalice «Myrrh» (Crafts Specialist)
Patron Deity:Nymeia, the Spinner
Real World Zodiac Sign:♓ Pisces


  • family

  • tinkering/crafting

  • reverse engineering

  • reading

  • cleaning

  • forests

  • cloudy weather

  • cooking

  • small, cute creatures

  • learning new things


  • the dark

  • large crowds

  • loud places

  • confrontation

  • new people

  • risque conversation / situations (mostly just because they make him uncomfortable)

  • taking advantage of people / being taken advantage of

  • teleportation magic (it's very taxing for him and makes him ill)

Rozael Bonacieaux

The cocky paladin with a slight gambling problem."What is bravery, without a dash of recklessness?"


Rozael is originally from Kugane, where he lived with his adoptive parents. An elezen power couple, they worked under the Ruby Bazaar and had many friends, customers, and contacts in Ul'dah and Eorzea as a whole. This elezen pair accepted Rozael as if he was their own son, because they could not conceive and would never be able to have a child of their own. They wasted no time in educating him in mathematics and business practices, hoping that he would one day take over in the business for them. Rozael had different plans, however, and instead spent his free time drinking, partying and getting into trouble to spite his parents. He had no desire for the mundane book keeping and barking orders, and instead longed to be sent on jobs that required travel, and to meet new people and create new partnerships.
His wish would soon come true, but unfortunately for him under less-than-optimal circumstances. In one of his drunken states, he finally did something extreme enough that the law had to get involved, and his parents did all they could to see that he was released. As his punishment, he was to be sent to Ul'dah in their stead, and deliver a contract to a group of merchants there. Upon his arrival in Eorzea, he wasted no time completing his mission, knowing that the sooner he finished that the sooner he could spend his time how he wanted. But old habits tend to die hard, and he got himself into trouble in Ul'dah. He was taken into custody by the brass blades, and the money-grubbing lot that frequent the Coliseum took an interest in him. They made a deal with his parents, saying that all his crimes would be ignored and he would be allowed to go free if he were to train with the gladiators’ guild and fight his way out of the Coliseum.
Filled with a newfound hatred for the only family he’s ever known, Rozael made quick work of the other competitors in the Coliseum and finished his training under Mylla. He went on to study under Jenlyns as a Free Paladin. Now that he was free, he never wanted to return to the Far East again, and opted join the adventurer’s guild to explore the lands like he had always wanted. This is where he met Viken'ti, a weak and shy Miqo'te who was in way over his head. Rozael enjoyed trying to push Viken'ti by forcing him to take harder work, but it caused Viken'ti to hate Rozael and they didn’t get along very well in the beginning. As they continued to frequent the adventurer’s guild and cross eachother’s paths, Rozael realized that he had started to become more and more interested in Viken'ti and getting to know him better, but it was difficult for him to do since Viken'ti just wanted to avoid him.
Eventually Viken'ti warmed up to Rozael, and they became friends. Rozael did everything in his power to protect and encourage Viken'ti, and would always offer to go to assignments with him. This continued until Viken'ti’s injury, and Rozael hired him as a retainer. They would spend their time together whenever they could, and they soon realized that their interest in one another had developed into something more than friendship. Nowadays when they’re not together, Rozael roams the land searching for adventure and stories he can tell Viken'ti, as well as joining Althea and the Free Company for some adventures if she needs help.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- While Rozael has a very confident air about him and always seems to be confident in his actions, deep down he's extremely insecure and cares very much about what others think of him. It's for this reason that he strongly dislikes talking about his upbringing, because many times people will assume that he is naive or that he thinks himself better than "common folk." He will sometimes suggest ridiculous or reckless activities, or suggest drinking and partying in order to avoid having to talk extensively about himself and his past.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:- even though Rozael is from the Far East, his name is not Eastern. He was named by his adoptive parents, who are Wildwood Elezen.

Quick Facts:

Race:Au Ra / Raen
Nameday / Age:32nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon / 24
Birthplace:Far East, presumably the Ruby Sea
Height / Weight:6'10" / 214 lbs
Body Type:Athletic & muscular with a few scars
Personality:Confident, Cocky, Charismatic, Silver Tongued
In-game Voice:Type 5
Relationship Status:In a relationship with Viken'ti Ostberg
Family:Yvette Bonacieaux (mother), Laurent Bonacieaux (father)
Classes:Gladiator/Paladin, some Samurai training growing up
City-state / Grand Company:Ul'dah / The Immortal Flames
Free Coompany:The Crystal Chalice «Myrrh»
Patron Deity:Oschon, the Wanderer
Real World Zodiac Sign:♎ Libra


  • gambling

  • drinking

  • sex

  • calligraphy

  • writing

  • traveling

  • battle/sparring

  • oceans

  • hot weather/sunshine

  • exploring new places


  • feeling insecure

  • whining

  • talking about his upbringing

  • being stereotyped

  • losing (especially when gambling, which happens a lot)

  • authority

  • extreme heights

Vesmina Do'rae

The cold-hearted huntress, shrouded in mystery.
"No one need suffer as I have. I would spare them that fate."


Vesmina and her brother Valas are from a hunting village on the edge of Lakeland which was destroyed by Sin Eaters about 10 years ago. They met a young man by the name of Dio who happened to be nearby the village when he overheard the commotion, and he helped to drive off or kill the remaining sin eaters. Unfortunately, so few of the villagers survived the attack that they all thought it best to abandon what was left of the village, and head their own directions. Driven by a deep desire to leave the place behind for good, Dio, Vesmina, and Valas quickly left for The Crystarium, and have since established a home there together.After struggling to make money in crafting and other such occupations, Vesmina (or Ves, as her closest friends and family call her) and her brother decided to become bounty hunters, hunting both powerful sin eaters and wicked beasts alike. Ves prefers to use the hunt as a means to study the sin eaters, where Valas sees it as more of an opportunity to exact his revenge and rid the world of the abominations in the process.
(This passage can also be found on Valas's page.)
Currently, Vesmina makes a bulk of her money from hunts, but she's been known to dabble in woodworking or horticulture.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- can frequently be found in The Wandering Stairs Bar in The Crystarium, passing time and looking for leads for hunts. If she is not there, however, she is also known to spend much of her time in The Cabinet of Curiosity.
- sometimes speaks in broken sentences, as if she is searching very carefully for what words she wants to say.
- conversation with her can sometimes feel like she is not fully focused, as if thinking on other matters entirely.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:
- Vesmina's companion chocobo's name, Brizcryl, is a name created from the Drow language. It is a combination of the word briz, meaning "graceful, fluid, water," and the word cryl (feminine), meaning "ally, companion, friend."

Quick Facts:

Race:Drahn / Xaela
Nameday / age:29th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon / 25
Birthplace:Norvrandt, Lakeland
Height / Weight:5'3" / 106 lbs
Body Type:Lithe, Scarred
Personality:Emotionless. Cold. Some believe she has no personality as it's difficult to get her to be anything but indifferent. She does come out of her shell around family and close friends, though.
In-game voice:Type 12
Orientation:Panromantic Asexual
Relationship Status:Jaded
Family:Valas Do'rae (Brother), Myrna & Maszt Do'rae (Mother & Father, deceased)
Classes / Occupations:Ranger (Bard/Ninja), Bounty Hunter
City-State / Grand Company:The Crystarium
Free Company:The Crystal Chalice «Myrrh» (In-game only, not by lore)
Patron Deity:Althyk, the Keeper
Real World Zodiac Sign:♒ Aquarius


  • reading

  • whittling/wood carving

  • gardenias and hydrangeas (among other plants and flowers)

  • people watching

  • bushcraft / camping / survivalism

  • gathering / foraging

  • cooking


  • talking about herself

  • getting overly attached

  • busy locations

  • being bothered when she's busy

  • small talk

Valas Do'rae

An ill-tempered, cynical bounty hunter interested only in protecting his family.
"I'm not here to make friends. I'm just here to finish my job and get paid."


Valas and his sister Vesmina are from a hunting village on the edge of Lakeland which was destroyed by Sin Eaters about 10 years ago. They met a young man by the name of Dio who happened to be nearby the village when he overheard the commotion, and he helped to drive off or kill the remaining sin eaters. Unfortunately, so few of the villagers survived the attack that they all thought it best to abandon what was left of the village, and head their own directions. Driven by a deep desire to leave the place behind for good, Dio, Vesmina, and Valas quickly left for The Crystarium, and have since established a home there together.After struggling to make money in crafting and other such occupations, Valas and his sister decided to become bounty hunters, hunting both powerful sin eaters and wicked beasts alike. Ves prefers to use the hunt as a means to study the sin eaters, where Valas sees it as more of an opportunity to exact his revenge and rid the world of the abominations in the process.
(This passage can also be found on Valas's page.)
Currently, Valas makes the bulk of his money by taking on stronger and stronger hunts, with a preference for Sin Eaters specifically. He is most comfortable working by himself or with his sister, but will work with other hunters as necessity dictates. When he's not hunting, however, he spends his time researching and testing new machinery and technology supplied by his good friend Reinmar Gerhart. Valas finds the Allagan technology left within the Crystal Tower to be extremely captivating, and frequently visits sectors of the tower that the Exarch has not denied entry to.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- He tends to hang around The Wandering Stairs much like his sister, catching any gossip about potentially dangerous Sin Eaters.
- If you ask any of the regulars of The Stairs about Valas, they likely wouldn't have much good to say about him. He's got a reputation for being hard to approach and hard to talk to, and is known as a bit of a heartbreaker because of his past "relationships."
- Valas has extremely obvious dark circles under his eyes, made only the more obvious by his pale complexion. He has insomnia, and suffers from frequent nightmares and sleep paralysis, making it hard to actually rest when he finally does fall asleep. The most common dreams he experiences are of the night their home was attacked.
- He makes a point of making himself look put together, but in reality he's an unbelievably unorganized and messy individual. Anyone who has had the "pleasure" of being invited to his personal quarters have told stories of seeing clutter and trash all over the room, though none have ever seen his bedroom specifically since he's never allowed anyone that far before.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:
- Valas' companion chocobo's name, Imaxle, is a name created from the Drow language. It is a combination of the word im, meaning "devoted, heart, love," and the word axle (masculine), meaning "ally, companion, friend."

Quick Facts:

Race:Drahn / Xaela
Nameday / Age:17th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon / 26
Birthplace:Norvrandt, Lakeland
Height / Weight:7'0" / 233 lbs
Body Type:Thin & Muscular, Scarred
Personality:Short tempered, standoffish, blunt, overprotective
In-game Voice:Type 7
Orientation:Unspecified (but is known as being rather promiscuous and indiscriminate in his choice of partner)
Relationship Status:Single
Family:Vesmina Do'rae (Sister), Myrna & Maszt Do'rae (Mother & Father, deceased)
Classes / Occupations:Gunslinger (Machinist/Gunbreaker), Bounty Hunter
City-state / Grand Company:The Crystarium
Free Company:The Crystal Chalice «Myrrh» (In-game only, not by lore)
Patron Deity:Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Real World Zodiac Sign:♈ Aries


  • Collecting gadgets and new technology

  • Hunting

  • workouts / battle practice

  • cute things (though he would NEVER admit it)

  • target practice

  • natural overlooks (like cliff edges and peninsulas)


  • being touched (but will allow very specific people)

  • cocky individuals who are all talk

  • cleaning and cooking

  • sleep (because the fact that he usually can't stresses him)

Behind the Screen

Hello!My name is Kirianne and I've been a long-time player of FFXIV! I've been playing since patch 2.3 (roughly July/August 2014) and I've been the owner of The Crystal Chalice <Myrrh> since about 2015.I'm a casual modder and screenshot enthusiast who had a short-lived raiding stint back in Stormblood. Nowadays I mostly play with close friends and family and log in just enough to keep my houses and play patches.If you're here from Twitter (hi, how are ya), I tend to keep to myself so please don't take any offense! I'm down for casual conversations and replies on tweets but I tend to forget to check notifications.---Links:

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About Me and My Mods

Hi, I'm Althea (Also known as Kida_Mei) and I'm a completely self-taught modder. I've been modding since Stormblood, around the time the well-known tools were first released. I primarily develop mods for myself or close friends, but I generally try to release anything which I think may be useful to most users.


  • Edits are OK as long as you provide proper permission. (This includes me AND any other users/mods that my mod may use. Provide direct links back to all.)

  • NO PAID COMMISSIONS OR PAYWALLS. Most of the assets I use are either vanilla or another modders work and that's not fair to any of us. If you are paying someone in private to make a personal edit for you to use, however, that is fine.

  • NSFW ok within reason (ie. no lalafell/minors) with the exception of this mod. That is a personal OC and I don't want people being weird with it.

  • As long as your intent falls within these permissions, you do not need to DM me for explicit permission.

I DO NOT accept commissions. Suggestions are always fun, but I don't take formal commissions because it's too stressful and detrimental to my mental health. If you like my work and would like to leave a tip, however, you can do that on my ko-fi.
I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to mod creation or even simple troubleshooting. Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you need some help, but forgive me if I don't respond immediately as I don't check Twitter more than about once a day or so.
Keep in mind, I am not an industry professional. Any help I provide is purely from my own experiences and may not be the most efficient or effective options. That being said, I know it can be overwhelming trying to find the answer to a specific question, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you think I can help!
My experience lies primarily in Photoshop CC and 3dsMax, with limited animation modding through Blender.